Becky Albertalli has it all with this Creekwood series!

I was late to the Simon train, in fact you can see my review for it a little bit down as I only read it in July. I did grab Leah on the Offbeat as SOON as I finished Simon though. There’s something so genuine about Becky Albertalli’s characters and I wanted to see how Leah grew from Simon’s book.

I was not disappointed.

Leah on the Offbeat was published April 2018 and is a continuation of the Creekwood Series. Book one followed Simon and his coming out and now book two is following Leah and her story. Leah was an automatic favorite for me in book one. She is unrepentant and loyal to a fault. She’s also a Slytherin. (#teamdangernoodle)

“I hate when assholes have talent. I want to live in a world where good people rule at everything and shitty people suck at everything.”
― Becky Albertalli, Leah on the Offbeat

My love for Leah Burke knows no bounds.

Her character is delightful in that wonderfully blunt, brick through a window type way, and I wouldn’t have her another way. Becky Albertalli has created a wonderful person in Leah. I would easily read a few more books with Leah in it. Whether as a main for side character, doesn’t really matter. I’d read it. Enhale it. Wallow in the angsty cursing, frank observations, and loyalty without end she represents. So if the message isn’t clear, please petition for a third book. Right now I’m only seeing two books in this series. LOL

The plot threw me for a bit, but I think that’s because while we saw a bit of Leah in book one, we did NOT get a full picture of her situation. This book goes all in and I was pleasantly surprised by events. (#nospoilers) Also, I really like her mom. I’m not sure how the author makes the characters so relate-able but just like in Simon, the book sucked me in and I was along for the emotional ride. haha

Unlike Simon who is quirky and his inner dialogue is a funny read of panic. Leah’s inner dialogue is a sarcastic cut to those around her and to herself, which can be funny but is also very though provoking to the audience. The dialogue in general is very typical of a YA read and I LOVE ALL THE HARRY POTTER REFERENCES. My little nerd heart absorbed every moment and smiled. haha

Overall, if you enjoyed Simon, you’ll enjoy Leah. If you enjoy contemporary YA, you’ll enjoy this book. If in any format you enjoy sarcastic wit and angst YA, this book is for you. Leah on the Offbeat is a quick read with a ton of fun.

  • Overall Rating: 4 Stars
  • Plot: 3.5 Stars
  • Character Development: 4.5 Stars
  • Dialogue: 4 Stars
  • Writing: 4 Stars

Happy Reading and Happy Autumn!!


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