Good Gracious Kim Liggett THE GRACE YEAR! (#shockandawe)
Moreover, months after reading this, I’m still reeling from it. 
Thank you so much to NetGalley and Wednesday books for providing me a copy of this novel to read. This book is not what I expected at all. (In a good way) Even now, I want to reread it again and again. 
This book is stand alone and it has excellent ‘grip’ from beginning to end. 
As always, this will be a spoiler free reivew! Let’s get to it~~ 

“A person is made up of all the little choices they make in life. The choices no one ever sees.” 
― Kim Liggett, The Grace Year

First, there is no reason why my review should have taken this long. I’m not sure why I held off on writing it. I rated the book 5 stars immediately but trying to put into worlds all the nuances and points of the book I loved, seemed overwhelming to do. 
It’s still overwhelming. 

The plot, when reading the summary, felt like a ‘hunger games’ scenario. When reading the book, it was not that straight forward. Women are betrothed before they are sent to the woods to ‘purge’ their magic. Their ‘Grace Year’, if you want to call it that….That is honestly just the tip of the iceberg of this plot and its roots are vast. 

The characters grow so much. All of them grow. Unwillingly or willingly, but frightfully and roughly they learn and grow. Tierney leads this movement. She’s the catalyst and the car that drives it. She is amazing and I adored her. The characters, all of them were unique and contributed to details, the intricacy of the tale. As a result, The Grace Year hits hard and with feeling.

I’m being vague but I truly think this a book you experience. In short, I would recommend it if you enjoy psychological books. Books that make you think. A novel that makes you question. 
My hat is off for The Grace Year and the writing was incredible. 

Happy Reading~


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