Helloooo Readers~ 😀

Gena Showalter got me with this next installment~

A while back I reviewed Book one (or four when you include the original trilogy) in this series, ‘Can’t Hardly Breathe, and while I enjoyed it to me it wasn’t Gena’s best book.

This book is FAN-freaking-TASTIC!

Now it could be that I watched Netflix’s Punisher recently but to me this hero, Jude Laurent, is seriously channelling some tortured vibes, but you know, not as too severe as this is a romance read.

Anyway, let me focus~~ preliminary information:

  • Can’t Let Go –  released October 31st 2017 (Woohoo)
  • Can’t Get Enough – December 5th 2017 (Such quick turnaround~)

From what I understand the last book in this series, Can’t Get Enough, will only be out in ebook for a while as I believe Gena Showalter is self publishing. Just a heads up if you’re looking for it in paperback/hardback and can’t find it, that would be why! (trying to help with any book struggles~)

“You have five seconds to leave,” he said, his voice soft but filled with pure menace. “When I get to six, I start whaling.” Gena Showalter, Can’t Let Go

Banter and Dialogue – I think that’s where this book shines. It made me chuckle through out the book and Ryanne’s witty comebacks make the book come alive. Gena did an excellent job creating Ryanne’s past and intertwining her growth with Jude’s. They’re both scarred in their own ways and the way Jude develops and overcomes in this book is stunning.

Everything that I felt lacking with Daniel in his book (Can’t Hardly Breathe) was made up for with Jude in this book. His back story, his book voice, and his dialogue. Can’t Let Go is a great example of an excellent Contemporary Romance with a dash of struggling hero/heroine.

“The French call an orgasm la petite mort. The little death. I hope I kill you well.” Gena Showalter, Can’t Let Go

Personally, I prefer modern romance books that are more realistic, and I think this one fits the bill. They aren’t BOOM love and BAM everything is perfect. This book takes place over roughly 3 months and keep in mind that they also met and hung out in the previous book. Giving us a total of around 6-8 months of knowing each other. The friendship and romance progress almost at a natural pace that way and I think it makes the reader more comfortable. (OR It could just be my personal preference – since I’m the reader… hahaha) 

  • Overall Rating: 4 Stars
  • Plot: 3.5 Stars
  • Character Development: 4 Stars
  • Dialogue: 4.5 Stars
  • Writing: 4 Stars

This book was well written, had great banter, and wonderful characters. If you enjoy a good modern romance (and like me had watched Punisher recently), I would definitely add this to your ‘to be read’ pile~ maybe as a nice holiday/winter read! 😀

Happy Reading!



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