Christine Feehan is so tried and true for me.

Whenever I’m in a slump, I know I can pick up a story by Feehan and get exactly what’s advertised! haha~ However, I’ve been reading her since 2004. *insert shock*
I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much to NetGalley and Berkley. <3

In this case, Covert Game is the next in the Ghostwalkers series and follows the story of Zara Hightower. (Who is friends with Bellisia from the previous book). Zara is not like the other women in previous stories, she’s more reserved and actually comes off as slightly defeated by life.

However, that may have to do with the fact that in the first 3 chapters she’s tortured harshly by a Chinese Operative. So, WARNING – if you are triggered by violence, abuse, or torture – please skip this book as it deals with government missions and imprisonment. 

“Listen to it… The swamp has its own Sound. Its own rhythm.”
― Christine Feehan, Covert Game

If you’re new to the GhostWalker series, this is about enhanced humans. Those that have been modified in various ways to perform missions for the government. Zara is no exception and certainly the hero Gino isn’t either.

Both of them are different from other heroes and heroines mentioned in the previous books. Gino is a little dark. He comes off as colder, more willing to go the extra mile for his ends to be met. Also, he’s a dominant male. Why yes, this is a romance book. hahaha

Zara is not a great operative. She doesn’t handle pain well, she’s not eagerly waiting to fight. In fact, she’d rather not. I’m pretty sure she’d love to be reading a book somewhere remote with a computer to tinker her days away with.

And I enjoyed their story.

Good things come first~ I liked that we changed it up with Zara. I myself had trouble relating to her but I know people like her. People that would prefer to take to the sidelines and have a different type of life.

Christine Feehan did a great job on the writing. The intensity of the torture scene tore me up and immediately put me in the plot. She did slightly do an ‘instal-love’ story line but insinuated there’s a chemical at play for possibly matching them up. Folks…. this is a romance read, I’m not expecting a long lengthy development. hahah

Now for the bad things~ Gino was a little much for me. He was, but it didn’t deter me from the story in the long run. I enjoy the intricacies of the plot WITH the romance involved. If it had just been the Gino and Zara show, I think I would have been off put.

Overall, if you like paranormal romance you can’t go wrong with Covert Game. Even if you’ve never read a GhostWalkers series book, you can pick this book up and not be totally lost.

  • Overall Rating: 4 Stars
  • Plot: 5 Stars
  • Character Development: 4 Stars
  • Dialogue: 3 Stars
  • Writing: 4 Stars

This book was released March 20th, 2018 ~ Go grab a copy! If you’re new, this also means you have time to catch up fully before the next is released. Either way, give it a go. I use books like these to keep me reading. The writing is wonderful and the plots are intriguing. <3

Happy Reading~


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