Jaci Burton has given a wonderful, cute read with Don’t Let Go. Also, it involves the rescue of a little dog and I’m a sucker for that side quest in stories. LOL 

Don’t Let Go is part of the ‘Hope’ series and takes place a bit after the other books. You don’t necessarily need to read the other 5 but it does give more depth to the side characters as they are from previous books. 

So just in case, we have the main trilogy:
Hope Flames (1) 
And Hope Ignites (2)
Then Hope Burns (3)

Second Trilogy
Love After All (4)
Make me Stay (5)

FINALLY: Don’t Let Go (6 – YOU ARE HERE! Haha) 

I always tip my hat to romance authors because they go full deep into series and very quickly. Usually seeing at least a book a year and sometimes two. We even have a book 7 & 8 already out for this series and it’s done! 

It’s so rare I read an older book haha 

Don't Let Go by Jaci Burton 
Image reflects book with a man in a white tank, leaning against a motorcycle with a yorkie dog at his feet. Paperback book rests on a journal with a candle off to the right side
Don’t Let Go by Jaci Burton


Content Warnings: Drug Abuse, Death, Family Death 

As always, no spoils on this but let’s talk the plot and setting. This book revolves around Brady, who has always been a loner and has a rather rough past. He’s live in Hope for ages but doesn’t really socialize cuz… loner.. and tragic past. (Am I right?) 

So then in walks Megan, who is serious goals for future life. She owns a bakery and bakes every day while being part of a book club. (The dreaaaaaam)  They’ve always known each other and even have been thrown together occasionally. However, they’ve never really dated. So of course, that’s what this book is around. 

The characters are interesting. I like Megan for about 90% of the book although I do think she forgives a bit too easily? (I may be jaded honestly)… Then there is Brady who sabotages himself left and right but is really a sweet guy. He rescues a dog and names her Roxie. It’s really hard to dislike anything about that. 

The other characters are there but not developed really, as the understanding is you know them from other books. However, Jaci Burton clearly calls out in this book what couple will be featured in the next. Pacing is a tad all over but like most novels, picks up midway for a good finish. 

Overall, I recommend this to any seasoned romance readers or those looking for more of a contemporary light read. It didn’t knock my socks off but it was enjoyable nonetheless. 

Overall rating: 3 
Plot: 3
Character Development: 4
Dialogue: 3
Writing: 3 

Happy Reading!

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