Adrienne Young has captured me with Fable and I’m a happy prisoner. 

Book Information

First, let me give a big thank you to NetGalley and Wednesday books for providing me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. I am so happy I read this one! 

Second, let’s do a little break down about the book and things to know. 

One: It is a new series and this it just book one, Fable. 
Two: Book two, Namesake, is not out until March 2012
Three: Thankfully it’s only two books and it’ll be wrapped up in under a year! (*cue happy dance*) 

On to the book review! (As always, no spoilers) 

Picture of an iPad with Fable book cover, showing a woman with red hair and blue eyes. Next to the iPad on the left are jeweled scissors and on the right 3 candles
“It was love that broke us all.” Fable, Adrienne Young 

All the insider thoughts..

The plot for Fable is a true survival and underdog story. You fight when Fable fights, you scream with her and cheer for her. I was gasping at the trials and 100% invested in her adventure from beginning to end of the novel. The pacing was slow to start but by about 50 pages in you are rolling along and speeding down the reader highway. (#cantstopwontstop) 

All of the characters are well developed and have their own stories that draw you in. As is my MO, I do love some good side characters and this novel is no different. I’m fully invested in them and I hope we get more background information in book two. Just because a good background story can go a long way. West and Willa are so supportive it makes my heart hurt cuz I’m sure Adrienne Young is going to rip my heart out. 

Lastly, this is book one in a series and yes, it does end of a cliff. A rather large cliff, that you end up looking over but you can’t see anything and it’s foggy and dark outside. (Aka, we have a 6month wait until closure). 

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys adventure. To anyone that roots for the underdog and loves heist type things. If you like a touch of fantasy and lots of action. 
If you read it let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Happy Reading! 


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