Shannon Stacey took me on an emotional roller coaster for this one and I’m so happy I decided to try this series! 

The Facts

Flare Up is book 6 in her Boston Fire contemporary romance series and I admit, I had no previous contact with this series before this book. #whoops #SorryNotSorry  

#1 Heat Exchange
2 Controlled Burn
3 Fully Ignited 
4 Hot Response
5 Under Control 
6 Flare Up (You are here)

This does seem to be the last book in the series, so shame on me for starting at the end and working my way back. However, I really was here for all of Wren and Grant’s relationship. Honestly, this book was a good way to get me intrigued the series as a whole, so it’s a win all around. Haha

My review below may have mild spoilers as this is book 6 in a series, so read at your own risk! Meaning I also could have spoiled myself too… welp… 

*cues dramatic music* 

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The plot was well developed and I was invested immediately in Wren’s predicament and also Grant’s concern. However, the book started with a fire, so that easily helps to get one fully entrenched. Haha. The pacing was a tad slow at times but I find this pretty standard in contemporary romance. That being said, I was a little irked that we had stellar build up, a great climax, and kind of a lackluster ending. I could just be reading too much fantasy lately though and have unrealistic expectations. *facepalm

The characters in Flare Up have good depth and are very relatable. Not only Wren, our main character, but the other side characters as well. I really enjoyed the employers Wren worked with and also her ‘mother figure’ Patty. Shannon Stacey did an excellent job giving a full look and 360 view of Wren and Grant’s lives. She really sent home that friends are a family you choose, and I love that. 

I’m impressed with how Shannon Stacey handled an intense story and made it so enjoyable and wholesome. It was a ‘feel good’ book and I’m happy I read it. 

Overall, this book is a fast, light, and enjoyable romance read. It’s definitely a feel good mixed with heavy themes as well. 

CW: Abuse (physical and mental), Anxiety, gaslighting 

Overall rating: 3.25
Plot: 3.5
Character Development: 3.0
Dialogue: 3.5
Writing: 3.0

Happy Reading!

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