I fell in love with this book by Emma Mills.

It wasn’t intentional everyone. haha. In fact, I haven’t read a pure YA book in forever. (Without fantasy or Sci Fi) However, I got this book in my OwlCrate subscription so I had to give it a try~ 😉

This book follows the story of Claudia – a girl attending High school and not really involved so much as getting by day to day. Until she overhears a conversation she’s not supposed to hear. Then she’s paired up with one of the mean girls at school and shenanigans begin.

“It just feels like…” Her voice small. “Sometimes it just feels like I’m faking.”
“Maybe everyone feels that way.”
― Emma Mills, Foolish Hearts

This feels like a perfect ‘coming of age’ story to read. I’m not a teenager, I’m not an expert at all, but Claudia’s character is wonderful. She doesn’t have all the answers but she does what she can. She’s quirky and awkward and painfully human. She’s also a gamer haha. The dialogue for this book was FANTASTIC!! I especially enjoyed her parents comments and conversations. (“Are you in a bling ring?”) Iris’s character had amazing growth and showed (in my opinion) the stark contrast in personalities, between someone that is introverted and extroverted.

The romance ~ I LOVED Gideon, he was 100% lovable and I was cheering for him the whole time. I was also cheering for Iris and her romance but Gideon stole the show for me. He was trying so hard and his little sister was killing me with her non-subtle behavior to ‘help’ him. (Have I mentioned I fell in love with this book, it’s adorable haha)

Things to note: This actually deals with serious items as well and handles the situations well. Serious medical conditions, drinking, the fears of being a parent, etc… I was impressed how all this was put in there but at no point was it overwhelming. I didn’t feel like a message was being shoved down my throat at all. It was just life. Emma Mills is giving us a snapshot of life and it’s relatable to a majority of readers.

“Are you ready to put the ‘fun’ in Fall Fun Fest?” he says as I slap his palm.
“I can at least put the ‘trip’ in ‘Triple F.’” A pause. “By being clumsy, I mean. Not by, like, sharing drugs with the group.” Three sets of eyes are on me, and I can’t stop myself from talking. “I don’t have any drugs. In case you were worried. Or, in case you were … expecting me to have drugs.…”
Gideon grins.”
― Emma Mills, Foolish Hearts

I smiled through this book. I really have no major complaints. There are some references to more than kissing and there is a large amount of cussing. To be honest though, teens cuss (SHOCKER), so this wasn’t a huge problem for me at all.

  • Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars
  • Plot: 3 Stars
  • Character Development: 3.5 Stars
  • Dialogue: 3.5 Stars
  • Writing: 3 Stars

I would recommend this to both teens and adults. It’s a fun read. I would not recommend to younger kids due to the implications and such, but otherwise most age groups should be good to go! It’s a quick read and one I wouldn’t want you all to miss~  <3

Happy Reading!


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