Foul is Fair is AMAZING and gripping and Hannah Capin has my full attention. 

First, BIG THANK YOU to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for providing me a copy of the ARC to read and review. 
Second, trigger warnings galore!!  Sexual assault, violence, and a handful of others. I’m not triggered by a lot and this book shook me.  
On to the review~ 

It takes a lot for a book to grip me from the first few pages. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve read a lot of books, or 50. 
This book GRABBED ME. I’m talking less than 10% in and I was hooked fully. I realize I need to give you more information for my review but I just needed to express how amazing the hook for this novel is from the get go. #iamallin

Foul is Fair is book one in a series. I’m not sure how many books there will be, as I have no further information right now, but I NEED MORE. That’s all I can tell you. 

This novel follows the story Elle. A girl who is targeted by a group of boys at a party and let me just say, they chose the wrong freaking woman for that. Elle transforms herself into a new person, Jade, and these poor boys are not prepared for what they unleashed. 

  “I am the exactly wrong way to be a victim” – Foul is Fair, Hannah Capin

Note, this novel is also a retelling of Macbeth, so that intensity ports right over and into this plot and environment.

To try and pick a favorite out of the main crew is hard. All of them have a specific brand and role that adds to this story. Each of the characters in this book is integral really. It’s weird to say, but this story has no ‘small parts’ and each chapter is important. 

The focus of this book is, revenge, which was probably obvious…. However, I have never had a story explain it so well. I felt the drive, the anger, and the chaos. Each step further, the reader is there for it and dragged with the current. The plot pulls you and leads you. 

The writing is amazing. At no point was I tempted to stop reading. Even the ending wasn’t so much as a closure as a “what did I just read and oh my goodness”. 

I realize what I wrote above is a lot, but I’m that shocked. I’m still shook by this book even after it ended and I still think about it. 
So for a more concise summary. Foul is Fair is a book of intensity and thriller. A novel that articulates vengeance and how it whips a person into chaos and tumbles into tragedy. 

If you enjoy dark horror, or dark action, I would recommend this book. Also if you enjoy classics and retellings, this book is for you! I hope it grabs you by the heart and pulls you right into the telling. 

Happy Reading


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