Let me start by saying Karen Marie Moning is my jam.

I have read everything by this author and will continue to read what she writes. So this review will be as objective as I can make it but keep in mind, the Fever Series is an all time favorite for me. (sorry not sorry)

High Voltage is number 10 in the Fever Series and is from the perspective of Dani O’Malley. If you have not read the series, I’ve included a little cheat sheet below:

Fever Series:
1 through 5 and written from Mac’s POV – Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever, & Shadowfever (alotta fevers~)
6: ICED – Dani’s POV
7: Burned – Mac’s POV
8 & 9 and Mac’s POV: Feverborn & Feversong

And then we have High Voltage (HIVO), number 10 ~ released this month on March 6th, and what this review will be about. *cracks knuckles*
If you don’t want spoilers for the series… please stop here…. haha

Also something to note, Karen Marie Moning’s other series “The Highlanders” does also tie into Fever BUT not in a way that it’s required you read it before hand. Just a little tidbit in case you go to read her earlier series and names pop up that you recognize.

“Pawns are not to blame for the actions of kings. Children are not to blame for the atrocities of adults.” High Voltage, Karen Marie Moning

Dani O’Malley, since she’s been introduced, has always had the short end of the stick. If you want to see a rough childhood, rough teen years, and still rough adulthood – look no further. Dani has the market on it. HIVO is no different in that regard… spoilers… her life is still sucky. (but in a Mega way —- I crack myself up) …. <– that’s a reference to the books if you’ve read them. If you didn’t smile, go read the books and come back to this sentence. …. I’ll wait 🙂

I feel like I’ve waited forever for this book. *taps fingers*
Ryodan and Dani have danced around each other for aaaaaaaaaages. For very good reasons mind you, he’s an immortal beast and she started out super young. I was willing to wait. My waiting was worth it.
After the wreckage of an emotional roller coaster in Feversong (I cried a lot and then cried some more), this book was the PERFECT follow up. It still has some moments where I got glassy eyed, so buckle up. Overall though I didn’t think it was as emotionally intense. Which I appreciated. It’s been a rough ride for the past 9. (hehe #thenine) …….(please read the books so I’m not chuckling by myself folks) hahaha

High Voltage is more romance based than I was used to seeing in this series. Not in an overwhelming way, but in a very rewarding OMGFINALLY type way. Where for Mac her story closure (Feversong) was a sigh of puzzle piece falling into place. Dani’s story closure is of someone turning up the music volume and dancing all night. Mac’s story finally had rest. Dani’s story finally has purpose. A soft smile versus a victory dance.

It was beautiful.

There is only one item I’d say was a negative for this book and it was the fact that the story started a little slow. By chapter 5 I didn’t notice any of that anymore though and went full speed. I’d also say the prologue was a little confusing but everything is wrapped up nicely by the end of the book. 🙂

Karen Marie Moning gave a wonderfully written closure to questions I’ve had since the beginning. She’s done some of the best world building I’ve seen in this series. This book feels like a wrap up to all of that but I have heard teases of possible additional books to give us insight to some current side characters. I know I’d be all in for that type of read.

  • Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
  • Plot: 4 stars
  • Character Development: 4.5 Stars
  • Dialogue: 5 Stars
  • Writing: 5 Stars

I recommend this series to anyone I meet. Every time. I warn them, like I’ll warn you all, that book one can drag a little. It’s earlier writing and frankly that book shows the growth and change of the characters so well later on it’s stunning. If you’re not down for 10 books to read, by all means I’d even say you can read the first 5 and stop…. like… if you’re a monster than can just eat one pringle or chip. (But honestly, who does that?)

Go grab book one~ take a look and come back here with comments of “HOW DID I NOT KNOW OF THIS SERIES?!” or “Really not my thing, how do you like it?” I’m willing to throw down on either comment or question hahahaha

Enjoy reading (and the new addiction),



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