I originally planned to review each book as I read them but I got caught up so fast in this series. I barely breathed between each book. If you need a good adult fantasy series look no further than Nevernight Chronicles. For now though, I’m going to break this up into 3 mini reviews.

Each mini review will cover the writing, characters, and plot. However, I’ll do a full summary at the end. 🙂 #staywithme


“Never flinch, never fear, and never ever forget.” -Nevernight

Jay Kristoff’s writing for this is very poetic. Purple prose is the term that comes to mind. It makes for a bit of a stilted start for reading the series if you’re not prepared for it. I’m here to tell you to stick with it though.

Even thought the writing is fancy, the content is gritty, the topics graphic, and the scenes gruesome. Ultimately, the poetic nature of his writing adds another layer of atmosphere to the reading. So while I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite, I will say it’s perfect for the series.

Mia Corvere is the main protagonist of this series and she is training, very clearly, to become an assassin. From page one, you have no doubt of her goals in life and you are just swept into the whimsical death of it all.
(Yeah, that’s not really a thing “whimsical death” but I couldn’t think of how else to put it.)

Nevernight is a slow to start and then fast to go plot that had me reaching for book two as I reached the half way point in book one. The characters are all well developed and my curiosity was peeked for every back story I could have.

Side note: Yes, this book did have a moment that ripped out my heart. Fair warning.

Rating for Nevernight: 4.5 Metal Stars of Awesome


“The Heavens grant us only one life, but through books we live a thousand.” – Godsgrave

Jay Kristoff went from writing about a baby assassin, if that’s a thing, to a full on mighty warrior assassin in book two. Think of awkward puberty then meeting bad college decisions. The ‘hold my beer’ moments of assassin-hood. This is it. This is the tale you want to read of someone that has the skills and the nuts to do it.

I. was. hooked.

In Godsgrave we knew what to expect and hit the ground running with the writing. Then we jumped directly into a bad booty (think of the children) plot and never looked back. The plot was fierce and the characters fiercer.

The characters we meet in book two stole my heart. From those previously mentioned in Nevernight, but especially the new ones introduced. Mia grows emotionally in this book so much. Her aims are harsh and her situation is heart wrenching.

Side note: No, I did not get my heart ripped out this book BUT I did get a cliff hanger that was rude. (Book 3 wasn’t released yet..)

Rating: 5 Heavy Metal Stars of Emotion


“I am the war you cannot win.” – Darkdawn

First, BIG THANK YOU to Edelweiss for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jay Kristoff you rude, crude, and socially unacceptable bast genius.
*Insert all offensive words here* #IDidThinkoftheChildren
I’m trying to find the words to describe this book. In fairness, I read it all in one go on a flight from Korea back to the States. I cried 3 times on the flight and the row next to me thought I was having a breakdown at one point.

Darkdawn = Emotional wreckage

This book was phenomenal. Darkdawn grabbed my heart, wore me out, led me on with hope, and ultimately wrapped up the series in a wrenching finale. It was all I had wished for and dreaded from reading the first two books. This book made me respect the Jay so much and also want to punch him.

He did an excellent job and will recommend this series to anyone I know that enjoys fantasy.

Notes: I laughed, I cried, I cried again, and then I cried some more.

Rating: 5 Heavy Metal Stars of Pain

Overall Nevernight Chronicles

The characters are well developed and amazing. The plot of each book is unique and gripping. The writing is consistent, and yes still purple but perfect for the setting. The footnotes are long (LOL) but a fun tidbit of the writer’s personality.

This series was well thought out, amazingly executed (pun intended), and overall an excellent roller coaster ride.

Note: THIS IS NOT YOUNG ADULT! You’ve been warned. 🙂

  • Overall Rating: 5 Stars
  • Plot: 5 Stars
  • Character Development: 5 Stars
  • Dialogue: 5 Stars
  • Writing: 4.75 Stars (because we can’t have everything)

Please read this series and then come commiserate with me. Not sure when I’ll get over it, but it’ll be a while. hahaha

Happy heart wrenching reading!


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