I think I’m going to like Julie Kagawa.

Shadow of the Fox was a book I received in a book box. It also happened to then be a read-a-long book choice. With those powers combined…. I crushed this novel. LOL

This was my first Julie Kagawa book and I have to say, I’m probably going to be an avid fan after this one. I enjoyed the build up and the dialogue a lot.

Hold that thought though. I need to focus and give the summary.

Shadow of the Fox follows the story of Yumeko, a yokai that is half human/half kitsune (fox spirit). She was raised,  trained, and taught to hide her skills by the monks at the Silent Wind Temple.
Until it’s burned by demons. Legit demons. (#rude)
Did I mention that the temple held part of a sacred scroll that everyone wants? No? Bummer.
This is when the story picks up and Yumeko meets Tatsumi who holds a cursed blade and is ALSO looking for scroll pieces. They naturally become reluctant companions and adventure begins.

Now to the review~

“He told me that the tiniest pebble, when dropped into a pond, will leave ripples that will grow and spread in ways we cannot comprehend.”
― Julie Kagawa, Shadow of The Fox

This novel read like an anime to me. It was catching, fast paced, with fun adventure and dialogue. By the first chapter I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading. The beginning had a bit of a back and forth as each chapter is from a different POV. However, the POV isn’t labeled – so it takes a few sentences to know who is talking. Once you get into the groove of the characters, this is no longer an issue though.

AMAZING PLOT! Variety has been desperately needed in the fantasy genre. We have so many Vampires and Fae at this point. Bring on the Japanese Folklore! Yokai and Kitsune are a glorious place to start and I’m enjoying every aspect of the world. How soon until book two? (Book two is scheduled for release June 2019. Just to throw it out there so you all can suffer..er… wait with me.)

Honestly, I enjoyed all the characters in this story mixed with the whimsy of the world created. I’m fully invested in where we’ll go next and have the sequel as a must read for 2019.

Overall, if you enjoy the fantasy genre you’ll enjoy this book. If you enjoy adventure and period pieces, you’ll enjoy this novel. Just….go pick up this novel and give it a go. Then report back and let me know your thoughts. LOL

  • Overall Rating: 4 Stars
  • Plot: 4 Stars
  • Character Development: 4 Stars
  • Dialogue: 4 Stars
  • Writing: 4 Stars

Happy Reading!
~ Ash




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