I adore the writing of Roshani Chokshi!

First, I was provided Star Touched Stories by St. Martins via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Second, If you have yet to read Chokshi, please take a moment to add this series to your TBR pile. Star Touched Stories is a collection of 3 novellas. These novellas are TECHNICALLY set after the first two books, so the order should be:

Star Touched Queen
Crown of Wishes
THEN, Star Touched Stories – Being released tomorrow, 8/7/2018

“Here is my fear and my wonder, my hopes and my doubts. Here I am.” Star-Touched Stories, Roshani Chokshi

Let’s do a quick break down and I’ll try my best not to do spoilers haha.

Death and Night – a kind of prequel to Star Touched Queen, BUT I would not read this until after you read book one, as it will give you a character spoiler.  I adored this one. It was all the information I could have ever wanted from the main characters in book one. Not only that, this novella had more humor in it than book one ever allowed. Whereas Star Touched Queen was intense and drastic, this prequel is very fun and almost light hearted. (5 Stars)

Poison and Gold – for this one you will want to read Crown of Wishes beforehand if you can, but again it can be read by itself if you’d like. This story centers around a side character we meet in book two of the series and again, just gorgeous writing. I enjoyed it greatly. It’s almost has a coming of age feel and learning who you are in the world. I feel like this is a continuing theme in Roshani Chokshi’s books. She wants her characters to find themselves. To see not just where they belong but where they long to be. (Yes, it sounds cheesy, but read the stories and it’ll make sense hahaha).  (3.5 stars)

Rose and Sword – Absolutely wonderful story! 100% you need to read Crown of Wishes before reading this novella. You need too. There is no negotiation here. LOL  ALSO, I don’t know how to not be spoiler free, so I’ll just say that this one wrecked me. WRECKED ME HARD. (5 stars)

I would recommend to anyone looking to pick up this collection to please, please read the other books before this. You CAN read this by itself, but having the knowledge of the first two books helps. Also, Roshani’s writing is not for everyone. It is very lyrical and romantic.

I would recommend this to anyone that loves beautiful writing. This is for anyone that has the time to sit down and truly enjoy a book that paints you a setting and situation. Not everyone will enjoy Roshani Chokshi’s writing, but those that do – it will become an instant favorite.

Happy Reading



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