I am speechless with how amazing this book was to read. Every moment was gripping but I’m getting distracted.

First, thank you to The Novl and Little Brown Books for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

If you have been completely disconnected from Fantasy YA, you may not know about The Wicked King. This novel is BOOK TWO in The Folk of the Air series and it is SO GOOD.

The Cruel Prince, book one (Pub 2018)
The Wicked King, book two (Pub JAN 8 2019!!)
Queen of Nothing, book three (ETA 2020)

I admit, when I first read The Cruel Prince, I wasn’t a huge fan. The build up was slow and the main character, Jude, irked me. By the end of CP I was ALL IN!! You can find my review of The Cruel Prince here.

So what does this tell you before I review Wicked King? If you haven’t read book one, DO NOT READ MY REVIEW! It will spoil things. Things you find out in book one. Stop it. Don’t do it.

“Power is so much easier to acquire than it is to hold on to.” The Wicked King, Holly Black

Let me just say that this book is AMAZING and much better than book one to me. Mainly referencing the fact that there is no slow down and no stilted parts.

Holly Black has her stride in The Wicked King and the results are phenomenal.

Quick recap, Jude and Cardan are reluctant cohorts, Madoc underestimated Jude, Vivi has Oak, and Taryn is kind of a rude sister that allowed her fiancĂ© to screw over her twin. (I think I’m bias.)

Let me just share my love relationship with all the characters being developed in this book though.

Madoc: I think he is amazing and I need more of his involvement in everything.
Taryn: Worst sibling ever and I’m still not over book one. Side eye for life.
Nicasia: Hardest eye roll I can manage followed by a mean girls hand wave.
Locke: I would guess he wears a popped collar. TELL ME I’M WRONG.
Vivi: The most human faerie ever.
Jude: You are everything I’d hope you’d be in book one and more.
Cardan: You sir, are fantastic and make all the ladies stare.

The fact that I can now have opinions about almost every character introduced makes me so happy. This book gives everyone some screen time and story detail. The additional information we get of the other courts and the details of what it means to be High King are everything.

The world Holly Black has built is exceptional and I’m saying it now, I’d be okay with spin-off books of this series. I’d love to read side stories of some of these characters and history of Cardan’s father and his siblings. It would be riveting to piece it all together.

Holy sweet mother of cliff hangers though. Fair warning to all, we’re left on the edge by the end of this book. Book one was a rough ending with questions but I think this one is way way rougher. Cruel Prince we peeked over the cliff and knew it was going to be a long wait. Wicked King we’re scrambling to hold on and hoping that book three maybe drops sooner than 2020? Can we send Holly some smoke signals to find out? A fruit basket to coerce?

Either way, I give this book my full throttle recommendation. If you enjoy YA and fantasy, read this series so you can read this book. If you enjoy intrigue and action, you will enjoy this book. Jus go get this book. Do it. I’ll wait.

  • Overall Rating: 5 Stars
  • Plot: 5 Stars
  • Character Development: 5 Stars
  • Dialogue: 5 Stars
  • Writing: 5 Stars

I really didn’t think I’d have a five star book so soon in 2019, but when perfection presents itself….

Happy Reading!


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